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We live in a era of specialization, bur curiously, never before the things have been so interconnected.


We say that the market promotes a culture of differentiation, but rarely we take the risk to do something new.


I always believed that the present is integration, not separation. And in a mist of planning and fortune, that is exactly what happened to me.


In Portugal there is a say: better late then never. I don't know if 30 years old is soon or late, but in my case, it was with that age that i discovered what i´m good at: telling stories.


To get there i leraned how to write, edit and direct. 


Thrilled with the discover, I left two solid and well payed careers in advertising and entertainment, to follow this will.


Of course I’m aware that passion is not enough. Bur I got other skills:


  • I’m talented and creative;


  • I’m versatile and adaptable (I’ve worked in fiction, documentary, information, advertising, etc)


  • I earned a lot of experience in just a few years, due to constant work, that served me also to learn that I still got a lot to learn;


  • I’m motivated, entrepreneurial and reliable (I do what is asked, in the time and budget accorded, adapting the ideal with the possible);


  • I work alone and in team, being reasonable enough to know that until today, I always were able to do well, what I decided to do.


And now, what I want to do is what I’m doing: tell stories through writing, editing and directing. 


Between fixed clients and one-time jobs, I’ve collaborated with major agencies and producers. But both by will and necessity, I’m always looking for new clients, projectos and challenges.


If my need to work is similar to your need to have someone who does it well, then all you have to do is contact me.


I will be quick to answer.


 After all, solutions are only the way. The end are the people for whom we work for.

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